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Children complete the fourth edition of ICT for kids

On Monday, the 23rd December 2013, children on holiday completed a training program known as ICT for Kids which aims at enabling children become familiar with technology at early age. This training that started on 2nd December 2013 is the fourth edition and it brought together children holiday makers around 220.

The Acting Director of the Centre for Instruction Technology (CIT) who is also the Chief Executive Officer for Imanzi Investment Group Ltd, a company founded by the former National University of Rwanda staff noted that this year’s ICT for kids edition was special. He said: “ For the last editions we used to enroll only children whose parents are part of the staff for the University of Rwanda(UR) Huye campus but this year was special as we gave also opportunity to any children regardless the relationship with UR Huye campus to be part of the program”. Mr. Murekezi added that this program of ICT for Kids is in line with UR Huye campus community service but it is set to be expanded to other parts of the country rather than continuing to be a particularity for the UR Huye campus staff and the surrounding community.

Dr. Vincent Sezibera, the Head of the commission for Education in Imanzi Investment Group Ltd called upon parents to let children explore opportunities of ICT seeing that there are parents who believe ICT is only the space of learning misbehavior whereas it is not the case. “Parents should stop their attitude of preventing children explore ICT’s opportunities arguing that ICT’s are only a source of misbehavior. Indeed, this fact is wrong. Our children have to live their present, they are different from us the BBC (Born before computer)”, argued Dr. Sezibera.

One parent under the name Diane Umutesi whose child was part of the training expressed her contentment towards ICT for Kids program. Mrs. Umutesi said: “ I appreciate this program of ICT for Kids as a parent who witness its fruits. Thanks to this program, my child is now able to manipulate a computer like switching off and on. She became also a good user of some programs like Microsoft words. In brief, we are grateful to the university of Rwanda Huye campus and Imanzi investment group ltd for this important program which is facilitating our children not to be left behind in this technology era”.

The speeches delivered at the closing ceremony of the fourth Edition of ICT for kids turned around the best wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Note that the trainers in the above-mentioned edition underwent a two week course and those teachers are by majority the teachers at Ecole Autonome de Butare, a school managed by Imanzi Investment Group Ltd.

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