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Airtel launched Innovation Hub at UR Huye Campus

On 23rd Feb 2017 the Innovation Hub was launched as an extension of the good working relationship between Airtel Rwanda and the University of Rwanda – Huye Campus.

This project has seen Airtel Rwanda re-furbished a property on the University Premises, turning in it into the one of a kind facility that has been equipped with all the equipment required by students to innovate and create and bring the projects to life.

The UR Innovation Hub is equipped with brand new Apple Computers, Laptops, Video Conferencing capable television screens and a dedicated internet connection not to mention servers and storage devices for the students to store their projects.

Airtel’s Managing Director, Michael Adjei explaining to UR’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Pudence RUBINGISA (purple tie) and Students how the conference Video works 

The building has been furnished with workstations, a conference room, a brainstorming area, sofa sets and a coffee area on the outside of the premises. The building has also been modified to include a fully setup kitchenette which will be accessible to the students with a small space available for students to experience a wide range of Airtel products.

Students will be able to develop mobile application, internet applications, software, test their applications as well as use our fast internet connection to access a wide range of research material from the internet. Students will also have the ability to connect with other students or like-minded individuals to exchange ideas or consultations via video conferencing.

The facility will be open to students 24 hours a day, providing them with a platform that will enable them to tap into their creativity and hopefully produce the next generation of tools and solutions that will benefit Rwanda, Africa and the world at large.

More so, Airtel and University of Rwanda’s officials urged Huye Campus Community to innovate solutions to people like founders of: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Twitter to name few.

Event photos

Airtel’s Managing Director, UR’s Deputy Vice Chancellor and Huye Campus Community following a student who start using an iMac.

Participants looking at different IT founders pictured on the wall.

Airtel’s Managing Director showing to UR’s officials the tea room.

Story compiled by: Jacqueline UMUPFASONI
Corporate Communication Office
University of Rwanda

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Monday, February 27, 2017 - 15:30