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23rd Commemoration of Genocide against Tutsi at UR Huye campus

UR Huye campus joins the nation to commemorate the 23rdwibuka on 22nd April 2017. The event was honored by UR Vice Chancellor, the three Deputy Vice Chancellors, authorities from public and private institutions, UR community and those who have their relatives buried in the former NUR. The walk to remember started from the premises of UR Huye campus –Town-UR Hospital and then headed to former NUR memorial site where different authorities, guests, students and staff paid tribute and laid flowers at the graves of the victims of the Genocide. 

Walk to remember by UR Huye Campus Community

The principal of CASS, Dr. Didace KAYIHURA welcomed all guests and UR community who attended the event of Kwibuka, he pointed out that students, academic staff and administrative staff are the ones who killed their colleagues and among those who exterminated their colleagues some of them were Doctors and Nurses in charge of taking care of people’s life but unfortunately this was not the case. He called upon all students, academic staff and administrative staff who are now present in Huye campus to change that bad image of their fellows and to make the difference through obedience, respect and dignity to one another. “The so called intellectuals are the ones in courts, others reside outside the country most of them studied in this university that’s why we have the obligation as today’s intellectuals to change the image of the university through heroism and mutual respect” Said Dr. Didace KAYIHURA. 

He also thanked the UR management for accepting to assist three needy families whose residence are in Huye Districts whereby each family will be given two cows. Among the three families, two of them are poor while another one is a family which got four kids at the same time. This noble activity will be done during the mourning period.

  Prof. Cotton giving his remarks

Speaking to the event, The VC of the University of Rwanda Prof. Philip Cotton who was the guest of honor highlighted that all those who attend the event are there because they got invitation from UR to come to the event but the University of Rwanda for today cannot invite anybody either a student or a staff with any type and any form of discrimination to be part of its community. “There is no place of any type of discrimination and injustice and prejudice for this university if you are a student or staff with Genocide ideology you lose the invitation to be in this place. We believe that we were created in the same image of God, we must love each other we have many things to do to make this place, a place where we are proud to graduate from” Said Prof. Cotton.

He also challenged the audience by indicating to them that University of Rwanda has embarked in many things to be focused on such research and publications to increase the output for a just and suitable development of the country rather than thinking of discrimination. He concluded his speech by thanking all guests who travelled to join UR community. 

All speeches focused around the struggle and suffering that faced students and staff during the Genocide, the so called intellectuals in participation to Genocide, the courage and sacrifice of RPA that gave hope to embattled people during Genocide, the Spirit of survivorship to defeat the ideology of Genocide and the good governance led by Paul KAGAME that gives all Rwandan the guarantee of life.


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